How Long to Keep Tax Records

Content How Long Should You Keep Business Asset Records? How to keep your tax records Find a local office Online help Property records can be forever But in the real world, it’s important to hold on to tax documents for at least a few years, and maybe longer. First, why do you have to keep […]

Is there a NEoWave forecasting software or Elliott Wave software?

Contents TREND FOLLOWING PROOF For Active Traders A Breakthrough Elliott Wave Research Suite Elliott Wave Charting and Trading Software The final and most expensive subscription is called Active Trader and costs $399 per month. This option offers traders the opportunity to use 40 charts at the same time, 20 workspace tabs, and can count 2500[…..]

Salvage Value Meaning, Formula How to Calculate?

Content Other Depreciation Issues How to calculate salvage value? IRS Asset Depreciation Guidelines Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Method How is after-tax salvage value for equipment calculated? General-purpose structures and most real property, other than single-purpose livestock or horticultural structures, will not qualify for a Section 179 deduction. In the long run, no additional[…..]